"Are YOU Thinking About Anti Wrinkle Injections or Dermal Filler Injections But Feel Terrified of Pain, Side Effects or Looking Fake?”

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”Are YOU Thinking About
Anti Wrinkle Injections or Dermal Filler Injections But
Feel Terrified of Pain, Side Effects or Looking Fake?”

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If so, then I’m going to show you the best news you will see this year!
You see, my goal for you is to
LOVE your skin. My goal is for you to
LOVE your face.

  • Why? Because every day when I see your reaction, every day as our members smile as they catch a glimpse of their NEW reflection, as you just STOP and admire how they much you LOVE the way you look, once again, it makes me feel TOTALLY inspired to keep going back to the USA, 4-5 times every year to meet with the BEST dermal filler surgeons in the world.
  • Why? – well, as you probably realise, the BEST dermal filler surgeons in the world RARELY come to Australia. So as soon one of my colleagues does something awesome, I jump on a plane and find out every last detail, then innovate it into my practice and offer it to my members.

Take, for example, my Plasma FaceLift which I have tradmarked. This is our proprietary procedure – where we separate 7 growth factors from your blood to NATURALLY stimulate your stem cells in your skin or wrinkles or balding scalp. Can you picture what it will be like to have younger, firmer, plumper skin? What would this mean for your life? What will this mean for you?
OR take, for example, my
Mesodoctor PAINLESS Injection technique which I have also trademarked. I think you will agree, this is the world’s Greatest Advance in PAINLESS dermal filler and cosmetic injecting! Who would have thought that one day we could inject your skin, hundreds, or even thousands of times with dermal fillers or plasma or other treatments

  • – and barely even notice a single prick!
  • ***

We also feel proud to offer the latest techniques for other dermal filler and other cosmetic injections like prescription-strength relaxing injections and more.
But we also understand that there is a lot of scepticism because of all the fake injectors around.
So, this is why, at Bayside Skin Clinic, we are the ONLY dermal filler clinic in the area to STRICTLY abide by the
Patient’s Bill of Rights.
This document guarantees that our members are treated and cared for to the highest possible standards. Plus it guarantees special and exclusive rights that will benefit and protect our members. For example,
  • there are a lot of so called ‘qualified professionals’ that base their whole business on your lack of knowledge. Those people often call themselves ‘qualified’ nurses or other professionals. But they skirt around the law, hoping you will never find out your rights. So we give you 6 questions that will help you expose those people, protecting yourself from those illegal businesses.
So, wherever you are in Australia, protect yourself from those self-titled ‘qualified’ cosmetic injectors with six easy questions which you MUST ask any dermal filler or cosmetic clinic before you even think of booking in or letting them touch your face.
Now before I go, I also promised you a bonus so this week I also want to give you a
special discount coupon. Just click on the button behind me and I will IMMEDIATELY send you this special bonus.
Now MAKE it a FUN day.

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Dr Gary Eldridge

Bayside Swan Skin Clinic
2/199 North Rd
Gardenvale, Victoria, 3185

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